The Pathfinder

Turning a team into an A-team one relationship at a time

21% The Pathfinder.


  • Marketing Executive
  • Sales manager
  • Customer Acquisition Expert
  • Public Relations Executive
  • SEO & Keyword Analyst

If the spirit of exploration and an openness to change both sound like additions your team would highly benefit from, look for the creative and innovative Pathfinders. Finding it easy to adapt to different situations and different people, they usually sense and understand the emotions and needs of others very well and thus land at the very center of their workplace’s social group.

Just as their name suggests, Pathfinders are prone to analyze the external world, connect dots, discover patterns, and make sense of coming trends or events before everyone else gets wind of them. Nevertheless, they aren’t dead-set on their ideas: the main goal of a Pathfinder is to make things better, be it by pushing their own ideas or implementing the ones someone else came up with.

A Pathfinder is the epitome of emotional intelligence, so it’s not surprising they prefer warm and supportive working environments. They are excellent communicators, great relationship builders, and exceptional leaders. In addition to that, Pathfinders are naturally very curious, innovative, and creative – and yet, they’re not easily put off by routine or mundane tasks as long as they understand exactly why something needs to be done.

Due to being very sociable, a Pathfinder finds individual tasks and dealing with them on their own incredibly depressing. They are also highly susceptible to criticism and the atmosphere of their workplace – if the team has a toxic culture of disrespecting workers, a Pathfinder won’t be able to dismiss it and focus on the benefits: not only will they take it personally, but they’ll also grab the first chance to get away.