The Stratomancer

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat – it helped it see the bigger picture

9% The Stratomancer.


  • Business Analysts
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Mapper
  • Software Engineer
  • Strategic Planner

Stratomancers aren’t fans of corporate jobs: they don’t enjoy pressure, limited freedom, or strict and often illogical schedules. What matters the most to them is to focus on a task and get it done the way. Stratomancers are good at collecting all the relevant information and analyzing it to identify underlying patterns, which helps them come up with accurate predictions and incredible innovations. They can, however, struggle a little with the social aspects of a workplace – a Stratomancer prefers to work alone or in a small group of like-minded people.

When approaching a problem, a Stratomancer always sees the bigger picture: they are great at collecting, absorbing, and analyzing information from the external world, grasping complex concepts, and understanding the patterns that underlie human behavior. They are very focused and task-oriented, and the more chances they get to build efficiency-boosting systems, the more motivated they feel. Stratomancers welcome constructive criticism, as it’s a great way to improve and feel stronger as they follow their idealistic vision.

Stratomancers have incredibly high standards when it comes to their working environment – pleasing them is far from a piece of cake. If things aren’t running in accordance with their professional instincts, they might become sensitive and find it challenging to deal with their emotions. Stratomancers aren’t the ones who find connecting with their teammates effortless, either – they tend to be somewhat introverted.