The Weaver

Cutting to the chase, but not cutting any slack

8% The Weaver.


  • Business Development Strategist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Financial Planner / Analyst
  • Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Strategist

Weavers are natural-born leaders. They are driven, confident, motivated, and eager to organize and control. These qualities are the driving forces of the business world, so Weavers often find themselves in leading roles, shoot straight to the top of their chosen career path – and stay there! They enjoy competition and get motivated by the challenges of the work environment, as well as any chance to bring extra value to their company: by recognizing patterns and always pushing for innovation, they are constantly full of promising ideas.

Weavers are also known for not acknowledging sentimental value: all that matters is what works, how to implement it quickly, and avoid drama.

Weavers are the real no-nonsense people: they get their tasks done without wasting time on irrelevant stuff. They are never satisfied with keeping things the way they are, so they keep pushing for new ideas and approaches, which lets them always be one step ahead of their competitors. The ability to recognize patterns, make connections, calculate and forecast often makes Weavers the first to understand what exactly needs to be done – hence, they are quick to take the initiative, identify problems, organize and complete projects.

While confidence is usually a good quality to have, too much of it is rarely admirable. Weavers are so sure of themselves and their capabilities they can have trouble reporting to others and following orders – and if they feel like the manager (or anyone else, for that matter) is not up to par in terms of competence, don’t expect them to be patient! Weavers are also not too interested in the social office environment, which might lead to them becoming disconnected.