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Meet your instructor - a mastermind behind hundreds of successful Full Stack developer careers - Mark Price. Mark will teach you to install an IDE & will introduce HTML: head, body, header, lists, paragraphs, text styling, displaying data with tables images & forms. Also, he will answer the common question - how to become a full stack developer


Introduction to CSS

You will learn basics about CSS: how to use inline, internal and external CSS, element, ID & class selectors, colors, backgrounds & borders, as well as browser inspector tools, combinators, grouping & specificity.

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Intermediate CSS

Mark will discuss text styling & formatting, google font, images, padding, margin, rows & columns, all needed for powerful full stack developer training.


Advanced CSS tutorial: Building and styling a website

You will learn advanced CSS: building the navbar, making the navbar mobile responsive, creating the form group, working with iframes, images, box shadows, text and image spacing, as well as building the footer.


Learning to Code With Advanced Javascript Tutorial

You will learn to master Javascript: comments & how to link scripts, variables & strings, numbers, comparison operators, logical operators, arrays, loops, functions, objects & bind. By using Percentage Calculator, you will find out about setting up the form, grabbing elements with Javascript, using event listeners, algorithm & to prevent default.


Version control with Git

Mark will explain Git & Github: copying & renaming files, creating & deleting directories and files, Setting up Github on macOS Local & remote repositories and working through Git merge conflicts.


Introduction to Bootstrap 4

Mark will teach project setup, will give you an overview of Bootstraps components & classes, as well as how to use the Grid System.


Creating a Login Portal

You will learn to create the sign-in portal box, add the input fields, sign in button, labels & how to finish mobile compatibility.


Skate or Die Website

Mark will teach you to work with navbars using carousels, to nest rows and columns, you will learn all about modals, adding images and buttons, sizing modals, building the footer & working with font awesome favicons.


Intro to Sass

You will learn all about Sass: how to install it, different tools to compile Sass, maintainable styles rules, how to create a clean scalable stylesheet, as well as how to save time by recycling styles & sharing style properties between other selectors. As a final practical project, Mark will teach you to make your first Sass website. Everything needed for those who ask how to be a full stack developer.


Intro to Node, Mongo, & REST APIs

Mark will teach you all about understanding web requests & installing Node on macOS, as well as about JSON basics, modules of Node & URL parameters. You will build your first API, learn how to get, post & delete requests. You will learn to work with the Mongo Shell & search for documents. By learning to create the models, post products, fetch products & populate data you will create a project.


Intro to React

Mark will show you how to, by using Swag Shop, set up react tooling, install Bootstrap, set up the API, create a HTTP Service, work with state in React, create a Wish List Component. You’ll learn Promises with ES6 & React, as well as components & props. You’ll also build a singleton data service, create a notification service, post notifications to react components & observe notifications in React.


Extra: Practical part with an enhanced online Full Stack Web Dev learning tool

You will get a fully practical training via special online Full Stack Web Dev learning tool by gradually solving basic and advanced tasks to improve your skills that are on real-life demand.


Exclusive Bonus: Leaked Full Stack Web Dev interview questions and answers

Handpicked Full Stack Web Dev interview questions & answers that every Full Stack Web Developer should learn before applying for a job in global companies.

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Mahdi Burrows

Junior Full Stack Developer

Like a lot of students who chose the wrong subject to learn at university, I was looking for the high on-demand skills I could gain quickly & decided to learn Full Stack web development. Depending on recommendations, I enrolled in this Masterclass & all I can say is that I loved it. It wasn’t as hard to learn Full Stack web dev as I thought, but I guess I have Mark to thank. I'm on my way to becoming an expert-level Full Stack web developer!

mahdi burrows

Jagdeep Esparza

Student, Full Stack Developer

At the beginning of my journey towards programming it was difficult to choose the IT field I wanted to master. Honestly, I wanted to learn something that would pay a lot & would be easy to learn. I saw people loving this Masterclass so was really curious about it. Turns out it was actually really beneficial learning here, the class exceeded my expectations. Instructor was interesting to listen, he had a lot to say & my motivation boosted alot.

jagdeep esparza

Reginald Lloyd

Ex-waiter, Junior Full Stack Developer

It’s not just a regular course. I’ve taken a lot of different online courses in many IT fields and this one is on top of it all. I chose Full Stack of probably the same reason like everybody else - it’s profitable & not hard to learn. Full Stack web dev is an awesome skill to acquire & this Masterclass is the best way to do that. Mark is truly a pro, you can see his experience shining through.

reginald lloyd

Mateusz Warren

Full Stack Developer

By learning Full Stack web development you will be useful in almost every company in the whole world. That’s what led me to Masterclass. I wanted to learn Full Stack so bad, but didn’t want my money go to waste with horrible expensive online courses. I read about Mark & this Masterclass in particular & decided to give it a go. Well, I think the fact that I’m a happy Full Stack web developer says it all.

mateusz warren

Nyle Mitchell

Student, Full Stack Developer

Like a lot of beginner developers & programmers, I wanted to start by learning Full Stack. Didn’t have a lot of time to learn it though, because I needed a job really quickly. Wanted my investment into a course to pay off 100%. Well, by choosing this Masterclass, it paid off 200%. I’m proud of myself for learning Full Stack web development & getting a job so fast but I wouldn’t have done it without this Masterclass.

nyle mitchell

Rochelle Barnett

Freelance Full Stack Developer

At first I was kind of sceptical about this Masterclass, it seemed like all these reviews couldn’t be true & generally it looked to good to be real. But I was very very curious & I wanted to learn Full Stack web dev, so I took this class. Well, what can I say… it’s truly the best online course I’ve ever took. After finishing it, I didn’t need any other Full Stack courses or learning material, I was ready to work as a Full Stack developer.

rochelle barnett

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