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Meet your instructor - a mentor behind the financial & career success of 71,476 students - John Bura. Find out what you’ll learn & gain from Python Masterclass.


Basics of Python Programming

John will teach you variables, functions & if statements in Python, based on how it’s used globally.

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John will discuss lists & loops in Python and will explain by providing real-life examples.



You will learn breaking & continuing in loops, making shapes with loops, nested loops, printing a tic-tac-toe field & how to quickly complete similar tasks by using it in IT companies.


Sets and Dictionaries

John will teach you to understand sets and dictionaries & will give examples for an inventory list.


Input and Output

John explains implementation of input and output, integrating file input and output, he will give an example for a tic-tac-toe game & for writing, reading and doing some simple statistics with participant data from a file.



All you need to know about classes with examples based on the practices of the most successful IT specialists.



As a practical lesson, John will teach you to create a guessing game with random function to help you clearly understand the practical use of lists importing as well as time library, random library & math library.


Project Blackjack Game

John will show you how to create & shuffle a deck, create & expand the player class, implement a bet and win, implement the moves of a player & run a game. It will help you to improve your practical skills.


Error handling

You’ll learn how to handle errors in Python the way professionals at many successful companies do it.


Extra: Practical part with an enhanced online Python learning tool

You will get a fully practical training via special online Python learning tool by gradually solving basic and advanced tasks to improve your skills that are on real-life demand.


Exclusive Bonus: Leaked Python interview questions and answers

Handpicked Python interview questions & answers that every Python developer should learn before applying for a job in global companies.

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Akram Mustafa

Senior Software Engineer

My previous job was really awful, I worked so much but it still seemed like the employers didn’t notice me or my efforts at all... When I finished Python Masterclass, I finally had enough confidence to quit my job. Some time passed & now I’m working as a Software Engineer & let me tell you - this job is awesome! I finally feel comfortable in my workplace & I'm earning much more than I did before.

akram mustafa

Ned Austin

Python Freelancer, Crypto enthusiast

I was always a tech geek but not so much an institutional learner. That is why I always loved learning online. Sadly, there are a lot of worthless online courses out there. When I saw this Masterclass I thought I should give it a go & even though I’m only starting my career as a Python programmer, this class put me on the right track to becoming a professional.

ned austin 2

Jacques Walker

Ex-welder, Python Freelancer

Not going to lie, I started learning Python for better money. I’ve learned my lesson with free online courses - I never make myself finish it and the time goes to waste. So I searched for the best online Python course there is, and the Python Masterclass was what I’ve found. Safe to say I’ve learned to master Python & now I have the freedom to work as a Python freelancer.

jacques walker

Rizwan Reeves

Junior Python Developer

Honestly, earning a lot was my main goal in life. I was always good at engineering stuff but didn’t have the possibilities to study at a good university, so you could always find me online searching for various learning material & that's how I've found Python Masterclass. And yes, after this class I had so many questions & had to work hard to get a great job that I love, but without this class I wouldn't have improved to begin with.

rizwan reeves

Callen Lin

Python Developer

My story is not so interesting really - I started learning programming at university & thought a degree would guarantee me a great career. Turns out I was so naive! After graduating I still felt like my skills weren’t enough for the employers. But that changed after finishing the Python Masterclass - the knowledge that I got helped me impress a lot of people & opened the door to my current and awesome job.

callen lin 2

Emmanuel Wharton

Python Engineer

I was struggling to find a job for a long time, so I started to look for skills on demand. I read that Python was the easiest & very well-paid programming language and thought why not learn it myself? This Masterclass gave me a great base of knowledge & after a month I landed a job at a global & growing tech company. My advice for you guys is to never settle for less - you can really learn anything if you choose the right ways.

emmanuel wharton

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