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Why Should You Learn Machine Learning?

Traditionally, machines were believed to be instruction-based, only capable of implementing clear-cut tasks from users. However, thanks to technological advances, specialists began experimenting with other capabilities of machines. Can they learn by example? Can they make predictions based on large volumes of data? As a machine learning specialist, you will need to dive deep into these questions. With the help of algorithms, statistical models, neural networks, and other technologies, you will be aiming to make machines recognize patterns and implement actions without instructions.

In this learning path, you will be introduced to everything necessary to launch your career in machine learning. First of all, Python is the obvious choice for many specialists due to its English-like syntax and rich ecosystem. Furthermore, you will explore algorithms, different libraries and frameworks, and the actual implementation of AI-based apps and programs.

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Your Learning Path


Introduction to Python Basics

Python is the leading programming language for machine learning. Before exploring the AI field, you should learn the basic principles and use of Python!

BitDegree Foundation VSI © 97 lectures
Tutorial de Python: Aprenda a linguagem Python, loops e muito mais

Domine a linguagem Python e aprenda como escrever os dicionários python

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Learn the Basic Principles of Data Science

Data is a goldmine for any specialist who knows how to handle and organize it. Learn to perform analytical tasks with Python.

John Bura 52 lectures
Aprenda como criar estruturas de dados em Python: Guia completos sobre Data Science

Comece sua jornada no mundo do Data Science, complete este curso e aprenda sobre as estruturas de dados em Python e os dataframes pandas

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Producing AI-Based iOS Apps With Python and Tensorflow

Start creating AI-inspired apps with Python and one of its greatest libraries. Get hands-on experience on writing an application for stock market analysis.

John Bura 26 lectures
Construa um aplicativo de previsões de mercado de ações usando a IA

Complete este tutorial de Python e você será capaz de fazer um aplicativo de previsões do mercado de ações

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More on Using Machine Learning on Apps

Craving some information on AI-based iOS applications? This course will cover all steps to prepare and give you a chance to practice producing an actual app.

Yohann Taieb 18 lectures
O que é machine learning: dicas para desenvolvedores iOS

Comece a aprender desenvolvedor iOS e entenda o que é machine learning ao completar este curso

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Developing Essential Components for AI-Based Apps

An information-packed course, covering the steps of creating neural networks, classification models, and more. You will learn how to build a handwriting recognition app!

Devslopes by Mark Price 42 lectures
Crie aplicações de machine learning: curso de machine learning do iOS

Aprenda a construir aplicativos inteligentes com machine learning e núcleo ML

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You will learn from these experts

John Bura

John is both, a PROgrammer, and a PRO teacher being in this field for 20 years and owning Mammoth Interactive. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of students and tons of successful projects here.

Yohann Taieb

Yohann is among the leading instructors in mobile game programming. He helped over 50,000 students to publish and reach top spots with the apps they created.

Mark Price

Mark is obsessed with creating in-depth, very detailed online tutorials on many topics related to development. He’s a CEO of Devslopes, and a valuable resource in your career path.

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