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Why and How to Become an iOS App Developer?

Nowadays, people are glued to their mobile devices, and 90% of that mobile time is dedicated to various applications. Users are always scouting the playground for new apps, and your ideas might be just the thing that the market needs.

However, before your vision for an iOS app could become a reality, you need to develop the skills necessary for building and publishing an app on the App Store. In this learning path, you will be introduced to all the different prerequisites for developers, environments that you will need to work on, and other concepts that dominate the iOS app development.
Getting down to specifics: every developer of iOS apps needs to be familiar with Swift, Xcode IDE, spatial reasoning, design guidelines, the importance of UI and UX, and other vital principles. After getting comfortable with all these concepts and their use, you can start planning the development of an app for your big break as an iOS developer!

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Your Learning Path


Start Designing Your Dream App

As the first step, you need to be familiar with UI and UX product design, prototyping, and techniques for building MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Devslopes by Mark Price 23 lectures
Tutorial de design para aplicativos móveis: tutorial definitivo

Use o Sketch 3 para fazer o design de aplicativos mobile e aprender os princípios por trás de design de produto empresarial

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Technical Steps of iOS App Production

Get acquainted with all the essential tools and environments. See Xcode IDE, Swift, Git, Firestore in action and explore their vital features.

Devslopes by Mark Price 176 lectures
Desenvolvimento de aplicativos para iOS: Guia do novato para criar aplicativos para iOS 11 e Swift 4

Crie aplicativos iOS e aprenda iOS 11, Swift 4, Realidade Aumentada com ARKit e CoreML Machine Learning

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Firestore Firebase Tutorial: Protect Your Database

Discover Firestore Firebase and how it can be used to create iOS apps easily. Learn about Firestore authentication, security rules and how they can be used with your app.

Devslopes by Mark Price 27 lectures
Tutorial Firebase Firestore iOS: Aprenda a autenticação do Firebase e muito mais

Aprenda tudo sobre a nova marca Firestore, uma tecnologia baseada em documentos NoSQL

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Enhance your App With Push Notifications

Learn how to enhance your iOS app with push notifications to display short, customized, interactive, and informative messages to users.

Devslopes by Mark Price 48 lectures
Notificações Push no iOS: Tutorial do básico ao avançado

Tudo o que você sempre precisou saber sobre as notificações push para iOS 11 com Swift

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Learn How to Optimize Your App

Developing monetization and optimization strategies for your iOS app is a must if you want your app to reach audiences and be successful.

Alex Genadinik 98 lectures
Aprenda a otimização da loja de aplicativos: marketing e monetização de aplicativos para dispositivos móveis

Aprenda a comercializar um aplicativo e técnicas de otimização de loja de aplicativos

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The Secrets of Marketing Your App and Increasing Revenue

Turn your final product into a source of revenue after applying an innovative marketing plan.

Yohann Taieb 55 lectures
Curso prático e completo de como monetizar aplicativos

Aprenda como promover um aplicativo

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You will learn from these experts

Mark Price

Mark is obsessed with creating in-depth, very detailed online tutorials on many topics related to development. He’s a CEO of Devslopes, and a valuable resource in your career path.

Alex Genadinik

Alex is highly experienced in delivering theory and practical tasks in over a hundred courses that he’s developed. An expert in software engineering, SEO, social marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Yohann Taieb

Yohann is among the leading instructors in mobile game programming. He helped over 50,000 students to publish and reach top spots with the apps they created.

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