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Karolis Putinas

Aprender Java 101: Abordagem para Iniciantes na Programação Java

Karolis is a self-taught developer. He has some knowledge of OOP and the basics of web development. Karolis is now focused on gaining solid programming skills, so he benefited a lot from a course on Java.

Kazi Farhan Hossain Purba Purba

Personal Branding: Como ser um bom líder com um pensamento genial

Kazi is a university student of Fashion & Design. He believes that personal branding skills are as important as professional knowledge. That’s why he’s expanding his skillset to be able to learn more and lead his community.

Dixen Lee

Torne-se um desenvolvedor web em PHP: Guia de vídeo atualizado

Dixen dreams to become a Full Stack developer so he can mix new skills with his knowledge of the internet of things and contribute to the world's technology development. He learned PHP as the basics in back-end engineering.

Amna Nawaz

How to Use Adobe Illustrator to Design Vector Graphics and Digital Illustrations

Amna is looking for opportunities to use her artistic skills and do freelancing jobs to earn an income. By getting a Graphic Design scholarship, she hopes to grow her potential and find partners not limited to her home country.

Deep Chatterjee

Aprenda como criar estruturas de dados em Python: Guia completos sobre Data Science

Deep is motivated to change his profession due to health issues. He’s working on figuring out the machine learning principles and data science, so he needed a comprehensive course on Python to fill his knowledge gap.

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