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The most comprehensive and up-to-date AWS training courses you’ll find online
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Hundreds of quiz questions and handy lab exercises for you to test and reinforce your knowledge
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Practice-based lessons help you learn AWS the way a modern workplace requires
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The only AWS courses built in collaboration with professional e-learning engineers and education scientists
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Individual consultations, regular Q&A sessions, AWS training webinars and forums
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What Employers Can AWS Training and Certification Lead You to?
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How Will Getting AWS Certified Change Your Life?
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You’ll Master Omnipresent Cloud Technologies
Owning close to half of the world’s public cloud infrastructure, AWS is the absolute market leader – which means mastering its products and services is key in today’s tech industry. And it’s not just developers that use them, either: the variety of solutions you’ll master in our BitDegree Academy simplifies work for finance, management, and other sectors as well.
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You’ll Have a More Financially-Rewarding Career
AWS currently offers 3 out of 10 best-paying IT certifications in the US. According to the Global Knowledge 2019 IT Skills and Salary Survey, an IT professional that has completed their AWS training and passed the certification exams earns $129,868 a year – and that’s just on average!
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You’ll Be More Likely to Impress a Reputable Employer
Members of AWS Partner Network are inclined to have a certain number of certified professionals in their staff, so opting for AWS training and certification guarantees a better chance at getting a job in these companies. The list is impressive and includes innovative tech giants worldwide.
Get in line for unparalleled AWS certification training
BitDegree Academy and its AWS training courses are coming soon – don’t miss your chance to get ahead of the competition
When trying to learn something new, you should always strive for efficiency and convenience – and that’s precisely what we’re trying to achieve with our AWS training courses. We offer you the most up-to-date educational content, backed up by hundreds of quiz questions and practical lab exercises to help you reinforce your newly acquired knowledge. With all the resources you need available in one place, you can save the time you would spend searching and use it to actually get to know the AWS Cloud!

Here at BitDegree, we don’t just pay attention to what you learn – we also care how you learn. To ensure you get the best possible learning experience, we follow the latest science-backed educational methodologies and offer complete platform gamification that acts as an extra motivational boost! By choosing us, you will also get access to a growing community of AWS experts and a selection of various learning models – from stand-alone content to live bootcamps. Whether you enjoy learning on your own or consulting real industry professionals.
To accommodate the different needs of our learners, we’re planning to offer three distinct pricing options. Whichever you choose, you will only have to pay once: there are no weekly or monthly fees, so you can relax and learn at your own pace!

If all you need is the actual learning resources, the Basic plan is going to be your best bet. By picking this option, you’ll get all the instructional video lectures, hands-on tutorials, quizzes, and practice papers you need to get to know the AWS Cloud on your own! The basic package is going to cost you around $150–200. Why aren’t we mentioning the exact sum? Because the Early Bird discount has the power to shrink your final payment – make sure you subscribe in time to receive yours!

For those who require a little extra help, we’ll have Premium and Bootcamp plans. Both of them will include the educational materials mentioned above – however, you’ll also get individual consultations (Premium; $400–500) or one-on-one live AWS training with an instructor (Bootcamp; $900-1000). Make sure to subscribe for our news and updates – a special Early Bird discount might land in your inbox, too!
If everything goes according to our plans (and believe us, the team is working hard to make that a reality!), you can expect to start your AWS training in the first weeks of November. We’ll start by offering the AWS Cloud Practitioner course, and others will soon follow – our regular updates will keep you informed!
With AWS being virtually omnipresent in the industry, our AWS Cloud Practitioner course can be useful for any professional who’s interested in taking their career (and salary!) to the next level! If your goal is to prepare for the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam well and make sure you pass it on the first try – we’ve got your back!

With our comprehensive and highly efficient course, you will learn precisely how to leverage the benefits of the AWS Cloud. This will allow you to enter any technical job interview with confidence and demonstrate your strong capabilities with AWS to recruiters and future employers.
Why yes, of course! The AWS Cloud Practitioner course has been created according to the latest AWS certification exam pattern CLF-C01, and all the upcoming courses are also going to be based on relevant patterns. How else could we guarantee you’re getting the most useful and up-to-date information?
As we launch the BitDegree Academy, we will begin by offering the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification course that encompasses the foundational knowledge of the AWS Cloud and using it professionally. However, we’re not planning to stop there – our goal is to provide you with all the AWS certification training you might need! We will roll out the courses gradually, and the ones you should expect to see next are the AWS Solutions Architect and the AWS Developer courses, specially designed to help you pass these Associate tier certifications.

In time, we’re going to add nine more courses to the selection: AWS SysOps Administrator (Associate), AWS Solutions Architect (Professional), AWS DevOps Engineer (Professional), AWS Advanced Networking (Specialty), AWS Data Analytics (Specialty), AWS Database (Specialty), AWS Security (Specialty), AWS Machine Learning (Specialty), and AWS Alexa Skill Builder (Specialty)
Our AWS Cloud Practitioner course was designed with non-techies and newcomers to the cloud in mind, so there’s absolutely no need for previous cloud computing experience. Beginners are very welcome – we’ll teach you all about the foundations of working with the cloud before we gradually move to more complex topics. The only prerequisites are interest and enthusiasm – and after you successfully pass your exam, you can move on to the courses that relate to other AWS certifications with confidence! For the upcoming Associate, Professional, and Specialty level courses, we’re going to assume you already know the basics that the Foundational level certification exam entails, and move forward from there.
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We do! You will be able to view the introductory lectures that cover the very basics of what AWS is, as well as try one sample practice exam completely free of charge. This way, you can make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing the course!